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Dublin offers a wide range of RestaurantsPubs, Bars and Nightclubs. There are many exclusive shops in Dublin that offer the most modern goods and services one may not expect to find. Graften Street is only 5 minutes walk from  many of the guesthouses where most high street shops are represented and there is a vibrant atmosphere for shopping and dinning. O'Connell street, Dublin's main street is where any one may access all the city centre shopping districts and main shopping areas.

Dublin's Theatre has played an important role for many generations. Irish actors have entertained many audiences with Irish plays and shows while also offering internationsl fixtures for major international shows. Why not see a show in Dublin when you stay in a Dublin City Guesthouse, it may be worth it! Whatever you are looking for, you will find a high value Dublin guesthouse on www.dublinguesthouseguide.com

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